Calgary Carshare is celebrating its 15th anniversary on May 15 – and you’re invited!                Check out our Member Updates page for details.

View Car LocationsCalgary Carshare is a member-owned non-profit co-operative that was founded in 1999 to support transportation alternatives in our community. Our carshare model support real transportation choice: members access transit, cycle and/or walk the majority of the time, using a carshare vehicle when those options are not available and/or do not make the most sense for the trip involved.

sunnysidevanWe host vehicles at inner city stations that include spots belonging to community organizations and designated on-street parking. These vehicles are always returned to the same location and available to book up to three months in advance. Members book online, paying only for the time and distance they drive, accessing the vehicles only when they need them.

RatesNewJanuary2014We have two rate plans (Classic and Casual) so that our members can choose what works best for them. And because we’re a co-op, Calgary Carshare members have a voice in major changes (no fee increases without member engagement!) and can get involved through our board of directors.

Carsharing is a cheaper, greener and versatile alternative to vehicle ownership. Take a hatchback today or a minivan tomorrow, we’ll take care of the rest!